Flash Stamp Machine

Flash stamp machine

Redsail Flash Stamp Machine is new and high technology equipment, which has completely changed the traditional stamp making technology, the machine works with the principle of converting optical imaging technology. Supported by special photosensitive materials.
The machine has compact design and small structure, high working speed and stable electrical design. And It is easy to operate; this machine can be used for all day work and ideal for stamps productions.
The machine can make all kinds of Flash stamps, portrait stamps, business card stamps, Cartoon stamps, and it can widely used in stamps industry, portrait stamps shop, tourism places, photocopy shops and so on.

Redsail Flash Stamp Machine Specifications

Model FSM1409
Exposure range (mm) 140*100
Exposure energy 1800J
Quantity of flash tubes 2PCS
Machine dimension (mm) 350*250*130
Packing dimension (mm) 460*360*260
Net weight(kg) 6.6
Gross weight(kg) 8.0
Voltage 220V/50~60HZ
Environment Temperature 0-30℃, relatively humidity < 70%